BN Clinical Placement Evaluation

  Dear student,

Please complete an evaluation for each clinical placement you have. The survey is only open for a short period of time and therefore you will need to complete the evaluations within the timeframe identified.

The information you provide is confidential and anonymous. All responses are grouped together and we will run reports according to the clinical area and / or the course. General themes are reported back to the clinical placement area and we will use your constructive feedback to develop clinical placement learning further.

You will note that we have asked for your student ID. You are required to put this in, however it is not attached to your feedback. The purpose is so that we know who has completed the evaluation not what has been said. Your anonymity is assured.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Course Leader if you have any queries. We look forward to your constructive feedback.
  All questions must be completed.    
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  Ward or Placement:   Semester:       
1. Overall the clinical placement environment was a positive one for learning and meeting the course clinical objectives.  
2. I felt well prepared for this placement.  
3. The clinical placement area used the Ascent to Competence framework to support my learning i.e.: I felt safe and secure, developed a sense of belonging, and was valued for my contribution.  
4. The clinical placement area strived to provide consistency of RN preceptors.  
5. RNs were supportive and available to support my learning.  
6. The placement enhanced and helped me to master my clinical skills.  
7. This clinical placement provided opportunities for me to meet my own goals.  
8. There were many learning opportunities for me in this area.  
9. The clinical environment provided access to learning resources e.g.: books, equipment etc.  
10. Feedback on my progress to learning to be a nurse was constructive, timely and effective.  
11. CPTs were supportive and available to assist my learning.  
12. As a result of my experience I feel more confident working towards being a nurse in this area than I did when I started this placement.  
13. State the most positive aspect about this placement that supported my learning to be a nurse.  
14. State a suggestion that could improve the clinical placement learning environment that would further support my learning to be a nurse.